Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Let's Get Spooky

Over on YA Highway, they're asking: 

What books were you obsessed with as a kid?

I was a morbid kid. Quite frankly, I'm a morbid adult. I write horror / thriller scripts. Love scary books. Adore scary movies (the suspenseful, smart kind; not the gory, ridiculous kind.) So it should surprise no one that this was my favorite book when I was a kid:

                         Wait Till Helen Comes: A Ghost Story

To say I read this book 20 times would be a gross understatement. It wasn't simply a ghost story. It also dealt with feelings of abandonment, loneliness, and the upheaval that comes when parents gets remarried and the children on each respective side have to learn to get along with one another. So, not exactly light topics.

I think that's why I loved it, though. I felt like Mary Downing Hahn wrote in a way that made things easy to grasp, while not talking down to me like I was, well, a kid. Plus, it was spooky as heck, and who doesn't love to be scared?


HowLynnTime said...

I love creepy people - Lol so I am stalking you! grin - # 3 hehe. Great choice - welcome to blog world - IT is fun here ----lol

Kate Hart said...

I have a vague memory of maybe reading that once... I was definitely into the spooky too!

Alison Miller said...

Sounds interesting! I love this week's RTW - the only problem is that my TBR list just grew exponentially. :)

J.Lyn said...

Thanks, HowLynnTime! I just might have to stalk you right back :-)

Kate - can't go wrong with spooky, in my opinion!

Alison - I know what you mean. I'm going to be buried under books!

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